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Why veggie bouquet?

I get it, we are more accustomed to gifting each other bouquets and decorating events with flowers. It‘s 2020, why not something even more special? Impress your loved ones with our bespoke veggie bouquet. It is definitely a perfect gift for all occasions.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting one for your next event: 1. It is beautiful The texture and colour of vegetables are as beautiful as flowers. All fruits and veggies are uniquely created by Mother Nature. Every single veggie is hand picked and we look for seasonal, freshness and uniqueness in our bouquet.

2. It is delicious and healthy In addition to its beauty and texture, veggies are nutritious and full of vitamins. We have created some special bouquets that comes with a recipe. The bouquet contained all the ingredients and can be consumed afterwards. What's better to wish someone good health than sending them a gorgeous selection of vegetables?

3. It is sustainable Supporting local businesses is also one of our pillars on the path to a more sustainable future. We include local organic produce and we never spray our creations with chemicals. Our bouquets are wrapped with biodegradable PLA film and 100% sustainable natural kraft paper. Let's work towards sustainable, low-waste, plant-based, toxin-free living!

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